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Can I buy a ticket from you directly?

Forum does not handle ticket sales for individual events. If you would like to purchase a ticket for an event in Forum, please contact the specific event. Look under the current event on how to buy a ticket. 

Does Forum have facilities for guests with special needs?

In Forum we have toilets and lifts designed for wheelchairs. Escorts for guests with special needs are allowed according to specifications in the Danish legislation. If you have specific questions regarding a specific event, please contact the organizer directly. You will find contact info on the specific event.

How do I get to Forum?

Forum has its own metro station with metro every 5 minutes. Furthermore, you can use bus line 2A, 68 and 250S straight to the entrance. Arriving by car is also an option but with limited parking spaces directly at Forum. If possible, plan your trip beforehand on

Are there any parking facilities?

In the district of Frederiksberg there are 2 hours of free parking from Monday-Saturday including all Sunday if using parking APP. Afterward, hourly payment is possible, with the possibility to buy a daily license. Read more at: Please note if you are parking in Copenhagen OR Frederiksberg municipality, as there are different parking rules. At the corner of Blågårdsgade and Åboulevarden, you can find the parking facility “The Green Park House”. The parking garage is a few hundred meters from Forum and is available every day of the week but with limited capacity.

Lost & Found?

If you have lost or forgotten anything in Forum, write to and we will investigate whether it has been found.
Please note that we may not find forgotten items before 1-3 days after the event.

IMPORTANT: Objects found are stored for no longer than 30 days after the end of an event!

Does Forum have a cloakroom?

Depending on the event, Forum will usually have a cloakroom available. Expect a fee to be charged by the event organizer.

What is the age limit for your events?

Please check the specifications of the specific event.

How do I book a booth at a trade show or fair?

If you would like to exhibit at a fair held in Forum, you must contact the organizer of the specific fair. Here you find a link for one of our recurring events:

Is smoking in Forum allowed? 

It is not allowed to smoke e-cigarettes or ordinary tobacco products inside Forum. All smoking is restricted to outside in designated areas. Indoor smoking or use of illegal drugs will result in expulsion.

How do I get in contact with Forum?

You can contact Forum by phone +45 39 64 85 86 or by e-mail: If you are seeking information about a specific event, please contact the organizer. You can find specific information at “upcoming events”.

Is it possible/allowed to bring own suppliers to Forum?

Forum has a number of preferred partners within technique and catering, which must be used to ensure venue knowledge and quality level. At concerts, special conditions apply. 

What languages is your site available in?

You can see available languages in the upper righthand corner

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